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About The Aquaponic Source

Who we are

The Aquaponic Source was started in Boulder, Colorado in November 2009 by Sylvia and Alan Bernstein.

Sylvia and Alan Bernstein, owners of The Aquaponic SourceSylvia also runs, writes the blog, and writes regular aquaponics features for The Growing Edge, Backyard Aquaponics magazine and Urban Garden Magazine. She teaches and speaks extensively about aquaponics throughout Colorado. In her recent past life Sylvia was the VP of Marketing, Innovation and Product Development for AeroGrow International, where she was one of the company's original founders and was instrumental in developing the plant growth technology.

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Alan is a former partner with McKinsey & Company and the Information Consulting Group and held senior positions at SystemHouse, Netigy and Andersen Consulting. He thought he was retired.

Together, they operate a large aquaponic setup in their backyard greenhouse in Boulder powered by tilapia, goldfish, and other creatures-that-swim.

The Mission

The mission of The Aquaponic Source is to be the trusted resource for everything the home or backyard aquaponics gardener needs.

The Vision

  •  rethink gardening through aquaponicsTo bring aquaponics gardening to households throughout the US and Canada.
  • To truly expand the way people think about gardening so it is no longer strictly tied to the soil during the summer growing season but rather to the activity of growing plants in whatever way nature provides whenever fresh produce is desired.

Core Values

  • Customers - It is only through our customers that we can drive toward our vision to spread aquaponics gardening throughout North America. To that end we are deeply committed to our customers' experiences and will guide them to whatever they need to garden successfully. While we cannot guarantee that every fish will live and every plant will be healthy, we can guarantee that our customers will find us totally committed to their aquaponics experience and that we will provide the products and services to make our customers successful.
  • Aquaponics - We are deeply committed to the advancement of aquaponics as a sustainable growing methodology. We believe that it is one of the cornerstones of the future of world agriculture and will work tirelessly to spread that word.
  • Aquaponics - making the world a better place Planet - We want to make the planet a better place through our products. Aquaponics growing through its very nature is sustainable and water-wise, and we need to be sure that our products reinforce that legacy. To that end we are committed to seeking out earth-friendly products, materials and processes whenever possible. Examples of our successes are:
    • The grow beds and fish tanks are entirely recyclable
    • We are working strictly with U.S. companies
    • We are using recycled newspapers and boxes for packing materials
    • Our website hosting and warehouse are both powered by renewable energy
    • We are actively supporting responsible aquaculture, and are working to bring attention to the plight of our oceans. 
    • We have sought out and partnered with several small, family owned businesses who are focused on creating sustainable, earth-friendly products. These include Uncle Jim's Worm Farm, Bright AgroTech, Bigelow Brook Farm and Granger Plastics.


We are big fans of Seth Godin's blog here at The Aquaponic Source. One of his recent blog posts is hanging on the wall of our shipping room as a perfect encapsulation of our business philosophy. We couldn't resist sharing it here with you.

Simple Five Step Plan for Just About Anything and Everything

    1. Go, make something happen.
    2. Do work you're proud of.
    3. Treat people with respect.
    4. Make big promises and keep them.
    5. Ship it out the door.
    When in doubt, see #1.

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