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Take an Aquaponics Course or Class at our
Colorado Aquaponics Learning Center!

Aquaponics is an incredible growing technique that will certainly play an important part in the future of world agriculture - and the future can begin now in your home! Learn how to build and operate your own system - the theory, the skills and the practical knowledge - from the experienced professionals at The Aquaponic Source. We wholeheartedly believe in what we teach, and we seek to share our knowledge in a way that is professional, inviting and inspiring. You won’t find an Aquaponic Learning Center with courses that are more comprehensive, honest and useful!

I want to send along my sincere thanks for a great time at the Immersion course at the end of April. Jarrod and I really enjoyed ourselves and left feeling very confident in our new adventure. Jarrod arrived at the course as my grunt, he left as excited about it as I am. It certainly is a testament to the wonderful knowledge you and your team passed on to us last month. We were thoroughly impressed with the weekend and the immense knowledge your team so willingly passed along.

Karen Wright
Cornwall, PE, Canada
Sylvia teachingOur courses are designed in aggregate to give you all the knowledge and the skills you will need to produce healthy fresh food in your home. Our diverse teaching team is drawn from the fields of mechanical, civil and environmental engineering, includes a master plumber and veteran experts from the indoor growing industry, (including Sylvia Bernstein, the author of the original, bestselling Aquaponics text: Aquaponic Gardening, A Step by Step Guide to Raising Fish and Vegetable Together). And we do so without being academic. We are about teaching you what you need to know to succeed.

Classes are taught in our specialized learning center and make use of our manufacturing space, a variety of working display systems and our on-site, comprehensive collection of aquaponic supplies. We endeavor to have every avenue covered, every question answerable, everything you need and every lesson not only taught but displayed - so you can see it happening and understand how it works.

Sylvia fishClass sizes are limited in size and the learning continues after course completion through our community site. We offer courses of varying length and that are targeted to what you want to learn and your level of knowledge. We don’t want to muck around - the world needs food that is vibrantly fresh, independent of the current food distribution infrastructure, environmentally conscious, sustainable, free of dangerous chemicals, deliciously nutritious and grown by real people in communities. This is the right place to learn what you need to know to get started, and we would be honored to share this journey with you!

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Aquaponics Immersion Course

Do you have the Aquaponic bug, want to jump right in, but don’t know where to start? This is the course for you. Come to our facility in Longmont CO for a full weekend of Aquaponic Immersion. During this course you will learn the what, the how and the why, plus hands-on sessions where we show you how to build your own multi-bed aquaponic system, test and adjust your water, control insects, and plant, prune and harvest. You will walk away with knowledge, practice and understanding, as well as our comprehensive course materials and ongoing support.
Saturday, 8 - 4, Sunday 8 - 3, Lunch included, Group Dinner (not included)
April 25 & 26
June 6 & 7

Aquaponics Fundamentals Course

Just heard of Aquaponics and want to know more? This course runs for a single day and will show you the basics of aquaponics in an intensive manner that brings it all together in a way that Google and the internet can’t do. You will learn the theory, have the chance to ask questions and participate in the hands-on build of a straight-forward, one bed system.
Saturday, 8 - 4, Lunch included
March 28

Advanced Aquaponics Course

Are you an experienced aquaponic gardener who would like to take your system to the next level? Or are you dealing with issues you just can't seem to get under control? This is the course for you. Come to our facility in Longmont CO for a full Advanced Aquaponics weekend taught by The Aquaponic Source Teaching Team. During this course you will learn how to maximize your plant's and fish health, boost productivity using safe additives and techniques, add new components to your systems, and even build your own battery backup system.
Saturday, 8 - 4, Sunday 8 - 2, Lunch included
Coming again this summer

Off Grid Aquaponics Weekend Workshop

Aquaponics systems can be powered entirely by solar and wind energy in nearly every climate zone in the world. In this two-day workshop, nationally renowned solar and wind energy expert Dan Chiras will show you how. In this two-day workshop at our Longmont, CO facility, we will explore the basics of solar and wind energy as well as fundamentals of energy, energy efficiency, and electricity.
Saturday, 8 - 4, Sunday 8 - 3, Lunch included
February 28 & March 1

Aquaponics Medical Marijuana Growing Course

As featured in High Times Magazine! It is now legal in Colorado for adults to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use. Learn everything you need to know to grow your own for medicinal or recreational purposes through organic aquaponics. We will cover all the basics in depth, including equipment, chemistry, lighting, common issues and remedies, and how to properly harvest and cure your plants.
Saturday, December 6
Sunday, March 29
8 - 5, Lunch included

Introduction to Modern Homesteading

Do you want to produce more of your own food and become more self-reliant? This full-day class will cover the basics of modern homesteading, whether you live on a 1/10 acre city lot or 40 acres in the middle of nowhere. Homegrown and Handmade Author Deborah Neimann will start out talking about what modern homesteading means, and throughout the day we'll cover gardening and orchard basics, backyard poultry, homegrown dairy products, and producing your own meat.
Saturday, May 30

8 - 4, Lunch and book included


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Aquaponics Fundamentals Course
Aquaponics Fundamentals Course
Our Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $125.00
You save $50.00!

The Basics you need to know!
Aquaponics Medical Marijuana Growing Course
Aquaponics Medical Marijuana Growing Course
Our Price: $200.00
Sale Price: $150.00
You save $50.00!

Grow your own medicine!
Introduction to Modern Homesteading
Introduction to Modern Homesteading
Our Price: $150.00

Become truly self reliant!
Advanced Aquaponics Course
Advanced Aquaponics Course
Our Price: $250.00

For the experienced aquapon!
Aquaponics Immersion Course
Aquaponics Immersion Course
Our Price: $295.00

Everything you need to know!
Off-Grid Aquaponics Weekend Workshop
Off-Grid Aquaponics Weekend Workshop
Our Price: $295.00

Solarize your Aquaponics System!